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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Homemade Cranberry Pear Applesauce

I met with my nutritionist a couple days ago and our diet will be changing slightly. We’ve pretty much got on the right start when we gave up gluten. However, I will now be eliminating all grains, dairy, eggs and gluten. I will be adding healthy fats and oils, supplements and cooking everything I eat. Basically, we are starting the baby food diet until my body has time to heal. Luckily, my 15 month old daughter and I will be able to eat the same foods! Ha! This is my first recipe with this approach. In all honesty, we use applesauce a lot anyway. I use it as a replacement for many of my baked goods, sauces, pancakes, etc. I do like a little variety though so I decided to throw some pears and cranberries in the cooker for extra flavor. This makes about a quart of applesauce. 

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