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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Loaded Carrot Soup

We have been plagued with sickness at our house. We’ve had the head colds, coughs, strep throat, sinus infection and now the stomach bug. I know why I can’t seem to kick anything; blood tests have proven my immune system sucks. My kids are very healthy though and they just keep passing it along! This soup may not be one you want to eat if you are in the beginning stages of a stomach bug but maybe if you’ve got other cold symptoms it will provide some comfort. It is loaded with nutritious veggies and at least made us feel a little better. It’s light enough when you don’t feel like eating but loaded with foods to help you feel full and healthy. I need a quick fix so I made this in the pressure cooker but you could easily make it in a crock pot or over the stove. 

Loaded Carrot Soup

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